• SC-I01, HDMI Stick Computing
      Product Name :
    SC-I01, HDMI Stick Computing
      Part Number : SC-I01
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    •Our micro-pc include accessing & streaming content,light gaming, entry pc-like embedded and Android OS thin-client applications.
    •Compute on a stick which performs a range of computing tasks on the device. Intel sees an opportunity to offer a multi-OS experience on any screen including Windows 8.1, Android and Linux
    •No companion device is needed, simply a display or monitor with an HDMI-input
    •Based on Android / Windows 8.1 / Linux OS, Stick PC is also ready to be used for web browsing, social networking, audio streaming, 3D gaming, Skype Live Chat and two-way video.
    •With a simple connection to the HDMI input of your TV or monitor and supports 1080p streaming video, you can use it as the centerpiece of a home entertainment system.
    •from now on, no need to buy the big computers, you can bring it everywhere, light-weight, easy carry, space saving, saving power, fashion, more safety data: